EXETAT is the product of teamwork of Skills Transfer Network which has brought together skills, know-how and technology to create a digital service and to provide students with exercises to prepare for the final exams.

It is an optimal promotion of digitalization at school for the final level in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

These exercises can be activated freely by the teacher in line with the progression of the course and also give homework or work assignments, for example.

  • The possibility for teachers and pupils to communicate with each other.
  • The possibility for teachers to analyze the gaps of the students and determine the level of knowledge of the class.
  • A safe place to find exercises and their answers quickly.
  • Statistical evaluation of student activity and progress.
  • A permanent address for practising for the exam.

  • What rights are available and how do I get them?

    Access to the "exetat-practice.org" platform can only be activated by schools, and teachers and not by individuals.

    It costs 2 US $ for a whole school year, starting from the activation of the account.

    How Exetat-Practice works

    This is how exetat-pratique.org works:

  • Pupils in their final year are provided with access data - a user name and a password
  • A device is required: a smartphone, tablet, or computer
  • Enter your identity and password - choose the quiz and start.
  • In the context of free work, access is everywhere, you just need internet access. Everyone works independently, and at their own pace.
  • Students solve a series of multiple-choice exercises. Each exercise is a set of several tests. They are timed. The quiz must be completed in time. Interrupting after starting does not cancel anything. On the contrary, it is considered resolved.
  • The correction is displayed after the test and the students can see their answers and the correction.

  • See the demo here